Imagine yourself in control of your own data, the data you own and which you should have the rights to negotiate its usage under your control, and for your own financial gain if so desired. EcoSysL (pronounced Eco Sizzle) is a distributed data, extreme distribution, privacy company. Imagine a Google search, tuned to your preferences, but without Google needing to know about you. Your privacy stays with you yet you get all the benefits of the current cloud providers.

Why a new Digital Ecosystem? Today we are well served by many cloud services which provide applications that make our life so well connected: Google (gmail, plus, drive, maps, youtube, …), Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft (outlook, drive, maps), and so on. But they all require our individual data to be stored centrally with the cloud service provider. A central data store, often out of our control, introduces integrity and privacy issues that are becoming more obvious through the Wikileaks (2012) and Snowdon (2013) disclosures. We know of many illegal breaches of corporate data stores have occurred. In 2013 Target was breached, disclosing customer credit card information. The whole corporate data store of Sony Pictures was captured in 2014. And the largest known breach of them all, the Equifax breach, compromised the private records of more than 140 million Americans, with little consequence to Equifax. Criminal gangs, unconcerned corporations, and government agencies are all responsible for perpetrating such crimes.

Trust the Government? And then government’s come along and introduce laws that weaken the protection of our data (see Wikipedia and in particular the Assistance and Access Bill). Such legislation makes it illegal for us to even be informed of the back doors the government requires developers to implant within the software we use – the back doors that give criminals access to our data. Later on they then want us to trust them with our data when it is so important that we do, like during the COVID-19 emergency, yet they’ve already damaged that trust. Amazing.

Reimagining. EcoSysL delivers a platform and apps that hands control of personal data back to the individual. The risk of widespread and comprehensive compromise, often illegally, is dramatically reduced—we have a better world and humanity gets back on the right track.

We are developing a framework where data is managed locally by an ecoCryb running on a smart device. All data is encrypted by the ecoCryb and after authentication the encrypted data is sent to an ecoCloud service hosted on the same device or in the cloud (e.g., Nextcloud or a Solid Server). The ecoCloud is the platform for the storage of an individual’s data, and the individual decides how and where this is stored, with solutions to store on their own personal devices (smartphones) or in their homes (e.g., on freedombox), but accessible anywhere, anytime, under our individual control.

A number of EcoSysL apps are under development. The vision is to provide the same level of services provided by Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others—offering the same services on a platform where the individual owner of the data stores personal data themselves, encrypted.

To ensure and retain integrity the framework is being developed as open source and free (as in libre) software and all source code is made freely available for all to review and validate.